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About Roxar

Roxar AS (a unit of Emerson Process Management)
Solheimsgaten 9
N-5824 Bergen
+47 55 59 95 55
+47 55 59 95 00 (fax)

Roxar is an international technology company to the oil & gas industry. The company develops solutions for reservoir management and production optimization for oil & gas companies challenged with maximizing returns from their reservoir assets. Roxar is considered a leader in 3D geological modeling, integrated simulation software, and multiphase metering hardware. The modeling technologies permit well operators to visualize the configuration of a reservoir for development planning and reservoir monitoring. Roxar claims to have installed thousands of meters worldwide, of all types. Roxar is considered by market participants to be the industry leader in terms of the number of installed multiphase meters. 

History and Organization

Roxar was originally formed in 1999 as the result of a merger between Multi-Fluid ASA and Smedvig Technologies AS. In 2001, Roxar ASA acquired Fluenta AS, a company specializing in multiphase meters, flare gas meters, and sand monitoring. (Roxar later sold off the flare gas measurement and metering business to a newly reformed Fluenta in 2007.) In 2007, Roxar was acquired by CorrOcean ASA, and following this merger, the company was publicly traded once again on the Oslo Stock Exchange as Roxar ASA. Most recently, in 2009, Roxar was acquired by Emerson and became part of that company’s Process Management group, adding subsea reservoir management and production optimization for global upstream exploration and production (E&P) 

Roxar has two main divisions: Software Solutions and Flow Measurement. 

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